Custom Machining & Profiling Perth

Custom Machining & Profiling Perth

Custom Machining is proving a very popular service here at Mandurah Timber Supplies. We offer a comprehensive re-milling and profiling service that either value adds to existing timbers or re-purposes left over and unused timbers into useful and creative alternatives.

Old and new roof timbers have become beautiful flooring or skirting boards and old Shearing Shed beams have become gorgeous dining room tables. Old verandah posts have become new 4-poster beds and old 1938 Austin trucks have had new timber trays fitted during comprehensive restoration projects.

This custom machining has been utilised on literally hundreds of projects and continues to be a source of amazement and inspiration for our team.

Our interstate clients also utilise our ability to make products specifically for their needs and continue to ask for our unique Western Australian hardwood products on an ever increasing basis.

Our Commercial and Building clients utilize our Custom service to manufacture architectural specific sizes and profiles. Architects and Developers are continuously striving for new innovations and ideas to incorporate the natural beauty and uniqueness of timber into their design and building projects. Mandurah Timber Supplies can offer the solutions needed to achieve these challenging ideals.

Not to be outdone, our Residential Renovators and DIY “ do-ers” are always challenging our expertise when it comes to new ideas and unique projects. From Bali inspired Timber Bars to full timber feature walls to impressive front doors, we can machine most profiles and sizes to make your DIY project look like it was done by a true professional.

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