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Our Resources

NEW SAWN TIMBER Mandurah Timber Supplies has a supply contract with the Forest Products Commission (FPC), an agency of the Western Australian State Government.The FPC is responsible for the management of Western Australia’s State forests, ensuring that practices in harvesting and regenerating native forests are environmentally sustainable and protect biodiversity well into the future.The Forest Products Commission is certified to the:

  • AS4708:2007 – Australian Forestry Standard (AFS)
  • Program for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification (PEFC)
  • ISO14001:2004 – Environmental Management System (EMS), the international standard for environmental management systems.

These certifications are received after rigorous, ongoing auditing and assessment by an external, licensed and independent auditing firm. They assure customers that timber products manufactured from Western Australian native hardwoods are sourced from well managed forests that are truly sustainable.

Jarrah (Eucalyptus Marginata)

We primarily mill jarrah (Eucalyptus Marginata), a beautiful, durable hardwood unique to Western Australia’s south-west forests. Jarrah is prized for its stunning natural tones, ranging from a rich reddish brown to a soft salmon pink depending on the age of the wood. Jarrah continues to mature even after it has been machined, with colour becoming deeper and darker with age and exposure to sunlight. If left unfinished in the elements, jarrah will weather to a soft silvery grey. It has a clean, smooth surface and straight grain which make it highly desired for flooring, decking, joinery and furniture. Jarrah is naturally termite resistant and grows with a long, straight trunk making it a timber of choice for structural uses such as wharf construction and repair and residential and mining construction projects.

WA Blackbutt (Eucalyptus Patens)

Mandurah Timber Supplies also mills WA Blackbutt (Eucalyptus Patens), one of the taller hardwoods. Extremely durable, with a relatively straight grain, Blackbutt is also unique to Western Australia’s south-west. Blackbutt is usually a yellowish-brown colour with a more even, consistent colouring and even pattern. Blackbutt grows with a long, straight trunk. It’s high density and hard wearing qualities make it highly valued as a timber for flooring and in some cases, decking. It is also a great choice if you are seeking a lighter coloured hardwood for your project.

Marri (Corymbia Calophylla)

Mandurah Timber Supplies is one of Western Australia’s millers of Marri, a medium sized hardwood that grows amongst jarrah and karri trees in Western Australia’s south-west. Also known as WA Redgum, Marri is durable and hard wearing. Marri comes in soft tones of cream and pale gold to light brown depending on the age of the wood. Marri is characterised by extensive gum veins that are usually black or very deep red in colour. This gives a beautiful drastic contrast that is highly sought after by furniture makers and new home builders alike. Marri is most frequently available as a feature and better grade timber, with gum veins running through boards as a beautiful natural feature. Marri is machined into flooring as well as dressed for use in furniture making.
Mandurah Timber Supplies also offers a selection of recycled timber in various sizes. Good quality recycled timber is sourced from various demolition companies and projects around the state when available. Originally our only resource, recycled timber was the only type we supplied in the early years of our operations but the quality and quantities available at any particular time makes it very difficult to maintain a constant supply of finished products. It is interesting to note that due to cracks, splits and bends usually found in recycled timber, there is a considerable about of wastage when recycled timbers are processed. These issues plus the important fact that recycled timber can lose its inherent strength over time has forced us to seek alternative sources such as New Sawn Timber to be able to supply a suitable and safe structural product for the building industry.
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