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Mandurah Timber Supplies are focused on a vibrant, active and sustainable future for the forest and timber industries in Western Australia. A visionary and focused company, we are continuously striving to improve timber use to maximize recovery and become leaders in developing new opportunities.

In combination with the Forest Products Commission, our logs are primarily reclaimed trees sourced from mine sites and areas that may traditionally be clear felled and burnt. By using these trees and not old growth forests, we are utilising a resource in the best way possible.

Mandurah Timber Supplies is constantly developing new markets and processes and are committed to working towards using 100% of the logs it receives from the sustainably managed forests.

More information on Western Australian Forests and their management can be found at the Forest Products Commission website www.fpc.wa.gov.au.

In our quest to do the best by the environment, we will do our utmost to utilise 100% of the logs and timber we receive. Unfortunately there is a limit to what can be used in the manufacture of any timber product. As a result of the milling and machining process, we inevitably end up with some waste products such as sawdust and firewood.

In keeping with our ideals and vision, our sawdust is primarily re-used for animal bedding in the horse and chicken breeding industries whilst our firewood is sold locally and is available on request.

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